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Alice Blastorah is an award-winning Art Director with a deep love for sloths (but before sloths went mainstream). After finishing art school, Blastorah honed her skills at BBDO Toronto -- winning more than a handful of all-expense paid trips to Cannes and representing Canada at the Cannes Young Lions. Upon moving to sunny Los Angeles Blastorah crafted multiple award-winning campaigns. Her work has been awarded in every major show and has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Mashable, BBC News, Elle, Fast Company, The New York Times and the Ellen Show.

As a creative lead at Saatchi her work on Toyota’s global Olympic campaign most recently won over 100 international awards including Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, Clios and the Webbys.





This incredible Instagram account lets you see what it’s actually like to ski with a visual impairment
— BBC News

A 100% visual platform to showcase 3% vision.

As the Official Sponsor of the Paralympics, Toyota was on a mission to change the world's perceptions of Paralympians. @SeeLikeMenna is an Instagram experience that lets you see the world through the eyes of Menna Fitzpatrick, a visually impaired Paralympic skier with only 3% vision. We brought people along on Menna’s journey as she became Britain’s most decorated Winter Paralympian of all time, while changing the way we see Paralympians. The campaign was discussed on hundreds of television segments worldwide and sparked global conversation. @SeeLikeMenna helped make the 2018 Paralympics the most watched games in history.


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Cannes Lions, Campaign, PR, Gold
Cannes Lions, PR, Silver
Cannes Lions, Mobile, Bronze
Cannes Lions, Social, Bronze
Cannes Lions, Mobile/Social Shortlist x3
Clios, Sponsorships, Grand Prix
Clios, Public Relations, Gold
Clios, Single Platform, Gold
Clios, Innovation, Silver
Clios, Social Post, Silver
Clios, Social Video, Silver
Clios, Branded Content, Silver
Clios, Direct, Bronze
One Show, Craft, Best Use of Visuals, Silver
One Show, Social Channel, Silver
One Show, Merit/Shortlist x5
The Webbys, Best Cause Related Campaign, Winner
The Webbys, Native Advertising, Winner
New York Festivals, Best Use of Celebrity, Silver
New York Festivals, Social Media & Influencer, Silver
New York Festivals, Avant Guard/Innovative, Bronze
New York Festivals, Additional Bronze x5
D&AD Current Shortlist x2



Making WCMX an official Paralympic sport


Rune Milton

Freestyle BMX makes its Olympic debut in 2020, but what about the Paralympics? We started an initiative
to even the disparity between the Games by championing Wheelchair Moto-Cross to make it as an Official Paralympic sport. Meet Lily Rice, the youngest person to ever do a backflip in a wheelchair and an aspiring Paralympian.

Toyota + Olympics/Paralympics

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.27.43 AM.png

"Toyota wants to make movement better for everyone, whether you're 1 or 100." 

- Business Insider



John Hillcoat

Toyota wanted to reposition themselves from the leading car company in the world to a mobility company. And for the first time ever, Toyota became the official mobility sponsor of the Olympics and Paralympics. But how do we tell the world?  We created a short film that celebrated mobility for all, featuring people from all walks of life, literally ages 1-100. Our commercial even ended up on the Super Bowl. And the campaign, featuring both our launch spot and our digital Instagram account @SeeLikeMenna, ended up receiving a Gold Cannes Lion.


The film ‘Mobility for All’ chronicles people literally ages 1 - 100, each
person had a mobility story that was teased out into individual mini docs.


Cannes Lions, PR, Best Use of Storytelling, Gold
Cannes Lions, Entertainment, Diversity & Inclusion in Sport, Bronze
Clios, Sports, Innovation, Grand Prix
Clios, Sports, Innovation, Gold
New York Festivals, Film, Products & Services, Silver
New York Festivals, Products & Services, Corporate Image, Silver
New York Festivals, Sports Event or Program Promotion, Bronze
Webbys, Media & PR, Best Video Campaign, Nomination
Webbys, Best Event Activation, Nomination


Volkswagen lets you control this car by making silly engine noises with your voice
— Business Insider

Unleash Your Rrr

What if you could test drive Volkswagen's ultimate performance car with the power of your voice? Make vroom sounds just like when you were a kid and the Golf R magically reacts. We even got the king of sound effects Michael Winslow (Police Academy) to be the face of the campaign, unleashing a Webby and then some.





Webby - Winner
Andy Awards - Silver
One Show - Bronze
One Show - Merit x 5
Cannes Lions - Shortlist x 3
FWA - Cutting Edge Project
MoMA - Permanent Collection


Volkswagen + Discovery Channel

A conservation initiative that uses music to change our perception of a species we’ve been taught to fear.
— Billboard

An original score that reflects the true nature of sharks.

Ever since Spielberg's "Jaws," menacing music has become synonymous with footage of sharks. But in an interactive experience created by Deutsch L.A., VW asks what if the music were different. In partnership with the Discovery Channel, composer J. Ralph and marine biologist Luke Tipple, they created a new score for sharks and recorded it at Abbey Road Studios with an orchestra featuring Grammy Award-winning violinist Josh Bell. In the Sharks Rescored interactive experience, fans control the music experience with their eyes using eye-tracking technology, to see shark footage scored with both menacing music and the new score. Toggling between both scores, the experience highlights how music influences our perceptions of sharks.


An Oscar-nominated composer.

We teamed up a respected marine biologist, Luke Tipple, with an Oscar-nominated composer, J Ralph, to create a new sound-track that changes a 40-year-old stigma. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra, the new 6 minute score premiered in our documentary during Shark Week.

Listen to the full score in the video above.



One Show Interactive - Bronze
Webbys - Best Digital Campaign
Creativity - Innovators List


The most memorable of VW’s Clean Diesel Ads
— The New York Times

Old Wives dispel Old Wives’ Tales about diesel.

Remember when we thought "Clean Diesel" was actually clean?  Before that all happened, we got Old Wives to dispel Old Wives Tales about Diesel (I know, I know).  Earning VW millions in viral mileage.





Cannes Lion, Branded Content, Shortlist


Jewish slogan tees become a cult fashion fascination
— The Guardian



Going up in a strict Catholic family, if you would have told me "you're going to end up in the Jewish smatta business" I'd say you're crazy. But here I am today co-founder of Unkosher Market. It was an accident really, my friend and I were throwing a "Jewchella" party for a friend that was converting to Judaism. The schmeer was good, but the shirts were a hit and blew up on Instagram. The next thing we knew Unkosher Market was born, and can be found at stores from LA to Tel Aviv or just online at


For one Hanukkah campaign, we targeted Jewish celebrities right at their homes with customized
Unkosher Market filters that got shared out to millions of their fans. And it only cost $20.85 ;)


The world’s first 24/7 rotisserie chicken channel
— Huffington Post

Aquarium channel, fireplace channel, rotisserie chicken channel? That's right. A Rotisserie Chicken Channel making mouths water all over Canada. It's like Food Network but better.

Credit to Doug Bramah for the conception of the idea, my part was to execute the campaign,
print, OOH and online.



Cannes Lions, Best Use of Media - Silver 
One Show - Best use of Media
Applied Arts - Young Bloods

From runway to highway, the limited edition Beetle denim makes its fashion debut
— The Inspiration Room

Standing up for child rape victims
— Elle World


Cannes Act Tribute


We created an outdoor campaign for the 160 Girls Project, an organization that seeks to protect Kenyan girls from rape and defilement. The country saw a landmark ruling against its police, who now face imprisonment if they fail to thoroughly investigate rape crimes against girls.

To celebrate the victory on this special day, we erected billboards across the country that at first read "Justice is nowhere for child rape victims." Afterwards, the Senator of the Kenyan county of Meru took a paintbrush to the billboards and drew a bright pink slash through the word "nowhere," transforming the message into one of hope: "Justice is now here for child rape victims."


Here’s Why You’re Going to Totally Fall in Love With Charlie Puth’s New Album, Nine Track Mind
— Teen Vogue

Grammy winning singer-songwriter Charlie Puth tasked us with developing the his brand and the design of his debut album, "Nine Track Mind."  If this doesn't make you a hardcore #Puthinator, well, good luck.


Housewives get hot and heavy with their books in new ads for Harlequin Romance
— AdWeek

Harlequin romance novels have everything a (heterosexual) woman can ask for. Hot sailors. Hot cowboys. Hot Victorian Cowboys. Hoy Zombie Cowboys.  Which inspired our campaign "Whatever you're into."  And helped win the agency the business. 


Look. It’s a sloth and Boo the dog
— Shiran

Imagine all the things you love on your phone, now in your Volkswagen. It's called App-Connect.  Our social product demo features the world's cutest dog, a sloth (cross that off my bucketlist), oh, and Michael Peña and Adam Scott. Not too shabby.